The word “menagerie” was generalized to refer to any varied mixture or a collection. I imagine everyone has some sort of an assortment of ideas going on in their head, most of the time, for me the word for it is “menagerie”.  Welcome to my Menagerie.

My favorite hobby. I have always liked taking pictures. I carried a camera around wherever I went. Capturing Beautiful Images I See Through My Camera Lens, I have many photos, to go with all the great memories.

Through the years, I have had a Poloroid instant, a Kodak 126 with the flash cubes, Kodak 110, Kodak one use cameras, &  waterproof one use cameras.

I now have a Nikon zoom digital camera,  Kodak zoom digital camera, and an Olympus zoom digital camera. They all take great pictures, and suit my needs at this time.

I grew up in Ohio and I now live in the beautiful historic city of St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a great place to live and breath. A tourist destination, for many people.  There is always something new to see in all the familiar places. I feel like a tourist every time I head out with my cameras.

Hope you enjoy the show!

I have had a few of my photos published in the past, in the short lived Salt Life Magazine.  The brand is alive & well with retail stores, and restaurants etc…  I have included, below, the magazine photos that were published & my originals… 


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I was truly excited to have my photos chosen to be in this great issue with Annie Crawley underwater photographer & filmmaker featured.  Also a great article; It’s A Dog’s life, featuring 4-legged friends living the Salt Life.  I was mostly excited to see the photo of the kids playing in the waves I call “After School”, (my grandsons).   Also,  My “Senior Men” photo was given over a half page spot!





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