My Giraffe

As I have said before, I am a really big fan of mid-century art and home decor. I guess it’s just the nostalgic bones in me.  

Nostalgic is experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, situation, or time.  

I enjoy visiting eBay to enter searches for mid-century, vintage, and retro items.  I was looking for African animals under home decor but, I didn’t want just animal figurines.  I am happy to say this is what I found, exactly what I had in mind!  The Giraffe is glass and is about 10 inches tall and weighs over 2 pounds.

At times, some of the items that pop up are a blast from the past. Art, home decor, and fun stuff I have seen before in my childhood.  Needless to say, I do actually purchase some items that I think I can’t live without…giraffe800b.jpg