Happy Easter

Ceramics, that’s what we called it back in the ’80’s…  Once a week you got together with your friends or relatives and drove to the nearest place that offered their shop or barn to outsiders/customers, and choose the project you wanted to paint.  The place I drove to, was in the country, about ten miles east of my house.  The lady had everything nicely arranged in a barn/shop.  She had a kiln room, a studio room, and a supply room.

Everyone in the class would enter carrying their baskets of supplies, paints, brushes etc.., needed to complete their projects.  If you didn’t have a color or brush you needed, items were available for purchase on site.

It was fun to visit with other adults, without your children, and relax and paint.  The owners of the ceramic shop would have plenty of figurines, fired in their kiln waiting on shelves for a potential artist to choose from to paint. Needless to say Holiday choices were very popular items.