Styx Pride of Lions

What a great safariLive today!

The photo slide above shows the lion pride, which consist of the adult females and their cubs.  This pride, called the Styx Pride, has 3 adult females and 2 cubs born in Sept. 2016 and 4 cubs born in March 2017.

The adult males, are somewhere in the bush, notice the male lurking in one of the photos below.  The females hunt and kill the food, for the pride, the males will join in later.  The carcass below is being guarded by the male, to eat later. The cubs usually aren’t allowed to be that close to the male in this situation, but this male didn’t seem to mind.  I included a photo of  what the animal looked like before the kill and feeding.  It was a Water Buck.

You can see in the top photo the pride is all sleeping together after they gorged their selves.  Notice how big their bellies are, one of the older cubs looks like he is ready to pop!

I’ve added a blog, I call it:  My Menagerie of Wild safariLive!  The blog is an almost daily photo diary of screen shots.