Man’s best friend is a phrase meant to describe a relationship between a human and his dog.  But if you ask any cat person they would probably use the same phrase to describe their relationship with a cat.  I am dog person, but I do like cats too.

I actually had a crazy calico cat named Samantha when I was a teenager.  She would hide in the shadows and jump out at people as they passed.  She also watched from the shadows as I laid out my sewing patterns on my fabric, on the floor.  She patiently waited while I finished smoothing out the patterns on the fabric. As I reached for the pins to attach the patterns to the fabric, she would come barrelling out from the shadows and pounce all over my neatly laid project.  After a few seconds of frolicking all over my sewing patterns, she would swiftly exit the room.  I was left with a pile of paper patterns and crumpled fabric, needless to say I had to start the ritual all over again.

I have noticed most cats are really photogenic creatures…