Lizard Tails

If you live in Florida you live with lizards all around you, honestly not a day goes by without seeing at least one lizard or several, scurrying up a tree or gliding across the ground, or on your back porch. Free entertainment for your dog or cat!  I really don’t mind the lizards, they eat the bugs!

This lizard caught my eye, he seems to be at the end of shedding his previous skin or maybe he grew a new tail?  Lizard do grow new tails when the original tail is cut off. The tail can actually fall off if a predator gets a hold on it.  The new tail takes about 60 days to grow back.

I think this lizard is called the Brown Anole lizard, native to Cuba and the Bahamas.  According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, it was first seen in the Florida Keys in 1887.  In the county I live in it was first seen in 1975.