Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve

Flagler Beach one of the small beach communities, plenty to do there, beautiful beaches, surfing, fishing, restaurants, hiking trails, several parks and recreation areas there, and close by.

Who is Betty Steflik?  Since I enjoyed the preserve that was set aside as a memorial for Betty, the least I could do is find out who she was.

Betty dedicated the last 25 years of her life preserving Flagler County’s coast line and wet lands.  Flagler Beach would be a different place today if it were not for her vision and commitment.

Betty was a city commissioner for 12 years.  She saw the need to protect and preserve the dunes and coastline, before it was popular to look at environmental issues.

I stumbled upon this park and recreation area while out on a “Sunday Drive”, with my camera, of course.

Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve – Flagler Beach, Florida