Another Boat…Fairbanks, Ak.

Blue Goose – Fairbanks, Alaska…  How the heck did this boat get in to a St. Augustine, Florida boatyard

Driving by the boatyards again, I found the Blue Goose from Fairbanks, Alaska.  Wow, can’t believe it, it has been about about a year since I ventured over there or maybe I went by but didn’t see any new boat names, until today!

On another Sunday drive with my cameras, I picked up some lunch and headed over by the boatyards.  I decided to check for new boats and sit across the street in the park and eat my lunch.

I would rather pick up a sandwich and a drink and head to a park to eat, instead of eating in restaurants.  Like I always say: “There is always something new to see in all the familiar places” … ha!