Yes We Have Some Bananas

Two of my banana trees produced fruit. They are said to produce fruit if the trees are at least eighteen months old.

Every spring we cut down most of the trees, we keep about seven of the older trees, to see if they will produce fruit. Banana trees grow like weeds. We kept seven trees and low and behold we have about twenty trees now, in various sizes.

I have read there are two different varieties of banana trees that grow here, apparently one tree is bitter and the other sweet like you buy in the grocery store.  I am happy to say I have the sweet ones!

The first stalk of bananas were ready to be cut off the plant, since the tree broke in half from the weight plus a big wind came through last week, it was time.  We hung the stalk in the back porch, it had 24 bananas, three bunches with eight funny looking fat bananas.  The bananas ripened within a few days. The finished product, oatmeal banana bread.