St. Augustine Christmas Parade

59th annual St. Augustine Christmas Parade…Wow Really… I didn’t realize this parade has been around this long… I have been going to this parade off and on each year since 1990… The past few years I have gone every year… It’s a tradition now to attend…

We get up, leave early and pick up breakfast. This year the head count was 19, we meet at one of the city public parking lots that faces the street and is along the parade route. Our group arrives about forty minutes to an hour before the parade starts at 10am, to get a good spot… We eat breakfast, drink coffee, bring juice for the kids, and watch while everyone starts strolling up and down the streets to find their spot to view the parade… The temperature was a balmy 80 degrees, not really christmas weather but sunny and no rain!

The first sight of activity comes at about 9:55am, when you will see the participants of “The Annual Reindeer Run”, this being their 14th year, running down the streets, just ahead of the parade start… The Christmas parade is about an hour or so long… This year we didn’t see Darth Vader or the Storm Troopers, but we did see the Ghostbusters and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man… Usually the parade is the first Saturday in December, The beginning of the parade starts by the Mission of Nombre de Dios, continues through the streets of St. Augustine and ends behind the Visitors Center by Francis Field.



You will notice the photo with a man pulling a wagon, he is the official pooper scooper. When you see many horses in a parade, you will see the official pooper scooper!