My favorite hobby. I have always liked taking pictures. I carried a camera around wherever I went. I have many photos, to go with all the great memories.

Through the years, I have had a Poloroid instant, a Kodak 126 with the flash cubes, Kodak 110, Kodak one use cameras, a waterproof one use camera.

I now have a Nikon zoom digital camera,  Kodak zoom digital camera, and an Olympus zoom digital camera. They all take great pictures, and suit my needs at this time.

I grew up in Ohio and I now live in the beautiful historic city of St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a great place to live and breath. A tourist destination, for many people.  There is always something new to see in all the familiar places. I feel like a tourist every time I head out with my cameras.

Hope you enjoy the show!